Trillion Beads


We’re very excited about our new line of graduated trillion beads! 

We have received some new hand made trillion beads made from some beautiful new stones! These wonderful trillion beads are handmade so each bead is unique! Also, where many bead strands are 16″ long, these are 18 inches long, so you get 10% more! The beads are graduated from 7mm to 9mm. The scan below shows the new stones, and the names and prices are found underneath.

We are happy to offer these beads to all lovers of natural stones, you don’t have to be a Mineral of the Month Club member to purchase these. (Of course, if you did decide to join, you would receive a 10% discount and free shipping in the United States.) Quantity discounts are available, 10% off when 4 or more are purchased, and 25% off when 12 or more are purchased, mixing is allowed.

     Here is our Most Recent Shipment of Beads:

 Gemstones, from top to bottom Price
1.  Moss Agate 13.00
2.  Tigereye 14.00
3.  Green Imperial Jasper 23.00
4.  Black Onyx 14.00
5.  Lavender Amethyst  (Sorry–out of stock for now) 20.00
6.  Silver Smoke aka Arizona Stripe 15.00
7.  Golden Agate 13.00
8.  Serpentine 16.00
9.  Fancy Jasper 13.00
10. Silver Leaf Jasper 13.00
11. Chrysoprase 37.00
12.  Sugilite 66.00
13. Carnelian 22.00