What Members Say

Okenite on Gyrolite Khandivali, Maharashtra, IndiaMineral of the Month – January 1998




“I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed anything as much as I enjoy the Mineral of the Month Club!” – P. H., Colorado

“Your write-up sheets give more easy to understand information than all of the reference books that I have. Thanks for the great work!” – B.C., Georgia

“I’ve checked out about 15 books on rocks and minerals from the library as I’ve been researching our new hobby and nothing compared to these write-ups. They are very comprehensive, and more importantly, very readable.” – D. D., Massachusetts

“Your mineral mailings are wonderful and your information is a pleasure to read– my collection is growing– couldn’t be more delighted! – M. A., Ohio


“I wanted to thank you for another great year of wonderful specimens and write-ups. I appreciate all the work and research that goes into each month’s mineral.”  – A. F., California

“I thought about calling you, but what I have to say should be in writing: The minerals (fluorite and eudialyte) were way beyond my expectations! They are absolutely beautiful! I felt like that 10  year-old kid of some 45 years ago– that had just gotten a prize rock for his first collection!”  – J. L., Washington

“The mineral shipment arrived on Friday. It is go great. I am continually amazed by the quality of the mineral specimens (actually, I should be getting used to the high quality, but still, I’m amazed!!).” — S.W., Canada (Geologist)

“Thanks for another outstanding year!”– R. A., Michigan

I would have to leave home if I let Mineral of the Month lapse. She loves it, the specimens are all first class. We couldn’t be happier.” –S.T., Arkansas

“Wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the Okenite Deluxe specimen.   My whole family marveled at the delicate beauty and more amazingly at how it traveled across the U.S. in great shape.” — D. F., Pennsylvania (Geologist)

“I have one word for the Mineral of the Month Club… WOW !!!!!   I just opened the box last night, and I was overjoyed with the size and quality of the mineral specimen that I received.   Truthfully, I was a little skeptical when I first saw the web site.   Well, you know, unfortunately the times we live in, good deals are often too good to be true. Not in this case. You have another happy member.”— J. C., Virginia (geologist)

“I have learned so much from your write-ups that I am starting to teach my Mom.”– M. L. Age 11, Colorado

“My children were very pleased with the first samples that arrived.   My son took them to show his grade three class the day after they arrived and is looking forward to receiving the next samples.”  — T. N., Canada

“I’ve felt the impulse many times to commend you on the quality of your service. The quality is very high, both the specimens and the write-ups. It’s rare in that few things are a combination of aesthetically and scientifically satisfying, with all that geographic, geological, economic, and political background. If you could work sex into it, your operation would be a runaway world success. Keep up the good work!”– G. H., California

Cindy loves her gift subscription! Also, my students (4th grade) look forward each month to our new mineral. As soon as it arrives, they all want to examine it.” – C. H., Wyoming