Upcoming Minerals

Schedule of Schedule of Upcoming Featured Minerals
In January 2003, we’ll feature a new find of Aurichalcite [(Zn,Cu2+)5(CO3)2(OH)6] from White Pine County, Nevada.
February will be another special month, as we feature Colemanite [Ca2B6O11•5H2O] from Boron, Kern County, California.

Although it’s considered traditional for the 60th wedding anniversary, we thought we would celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Mineral of the Month Club by featuring the hardest known substance on Earth, diamond (C) in March. This will be the 85th mineral we feature! Of course, the diamonds are much smaller than in the photo, and the color isn’t quite as bright. (Photo by Jeff Scovill.)

APRIL 2003 and beyond

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We’re making calls and sending E-mails to miners and collectors the world over to feature wonderful and colorful minerals, including siderite from Bolivia, lazulite from Canada, magnesite from South America, purpurite from Africa, and cinnabar from China.